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Friday Ceremony

Ramadan the month of bounties and goodness

7 Ramadan 1438 - 2/6/2017

Brothers and Sisters, I urge you and urge myself to fear Allah. He SWT said in surat Al Imran: (O you who have believed, fear Allah as He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims)

Days, moths and years are passing very quickly while we are heedless of the remembering of Allah SWT

Our lives are short and the good deeds that a Muslim performs during his short life are limited. Therefore, Allah SWT compensated the Muslims with special periods where the deeds are multiplied many fold. Among these special periods is the month of Ramadhan. Allah SWT says in Surat Al Baqara: (O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you, that you may become righteous).

Ramadhan brings blessings and joy to the hearts, Muslims turn to Allah SWT and desires are controlled. The benefits, fruits and rewards of fasting are abundant for those who observe this blessed month as it should be observed. Those who indulge in consuming the most delicious food, looking constantly for entertainment and wasting precious time would miss a lot of this month’s goodness indeed.

Fasting creates a barrier from hell fire. The Prophet pbuh said: verily fasting is a barrier which protect one from hell fire.

Many sayings of the Prophet pbuh talks about the rewards of fasting, among those are:

Fasting the month in submission to sincerity to Allah will earn forgiveness of all past sins

-      Fasting Muslim is promised two joys, one on breaking the fast, and the second on meeting his Lord SWT

-      Fasting Muslims would enter the paradise from a special door called Al Rayan

-      Fasting and the Quran will intercede for their performers on the day of judgement.

 The blessed month of Ramadhan is a very special month and a great gift from Allah SWT, fasting in Ramadhan is unlike fasting in any other month, likewise, invoking Allah SWT in it is unlike doing so in any other month, the same with Itikaf and all other acts of worship. The rewards in this great month are multiplied many fold

 So take advantage of this great month and increase your good deeds in order to come closer to Allah SWT. Every minute in this month is extremely valuable, so do not waste any. Repent to Allah SWT and seek His forgiveness, read the Quran, understand it and apply it, wake up during the night and gain glorious moments in seclusion with your Lord SWT. Keep in the remembrance of Allah day and night. Be dutiful to your parents, merciful with your family, feed the poor, help the weak, enlighten the ignorant, honour your neighbour, and be a useful and beneficial Muslim in your community.

 Let this Ramadhan be your recharging station, recharge your faith and commitment to Allah SWT which will take you safely through the coming year.

Dear Muslims, We, the British Muslim community, need to come together, especially in the current difficult circumstances. We need to contribute positively towards the community we live in. Extend our help and support to all those around us. We need to play a positive role and strive to be good citizens of a country that provides us with all the necessities of life, gives us freedom of worship and protects our liberties and dignity.

I take this opportunity to extend our thanks and appreciation to our neighbours, our local police, local officials along with all those who stood with us during this difficult time and showed their sympathy and support.

Allow me to read one of the beautiful cards that I received myself from Stockport Quaker Meeting, it says:

To All the worshippers at Didsbury Mosque,

We have warm memories of the hospitality we received when we visited the mosque some years ago.

At this difficult time we extend support and friendship to you all and will continue to hold you in the light in the coming days.

Very best wishes.

Brothers and sisters, we stand united with all the good citizens of this country, and say to all Mancunians, we love Manchester and pray for its safety.

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