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I’tikaf at Didsbury Mosque

(Ramadhan 1438 / 2017)

Ayesha (ra) relates that "Rasulullah. Sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam regularly observed I'tikaf during the last ten days of Ramadhan till the end of his life. After him, his wives maintained the tradition." (Bukhari)

Therefore, I’tikaf is a confirmed Sunnah and one of the great acts of worship in the month of Ramadhan. I’tikaf is to seclude oneself in the Masjid with the express intention (niyyah) of performing this Sunnah and to seek the Laylatul Qader (Night of Power or the Night of Destiny).

As in any act of worship, I’tikaf must be performed while observing its special rules and conditions according to the authentic Sunnah. Hence, those who intend to perform I’tikaf are strongly advised to learn those rules in order that they perform this act of worship correctly and get the full reward for it inshaAllah.

Those who wish to perform I’tikaf should apply to the management, subject to the following rules and regulations. These rules are intended to create the right environment for those who wish to perform I’tikaf in sincerity, thereby reviving the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh):

·        I’tkaf is open to brothers of the age 25 and above.

·        Brothers of the age 18 to 25 need to obtain a special permission from the management.

·        I’tikaf is not available to brothers under the age of 18.

·        Priority will be given to those who intend to do I’tikaf for the last ten days

·        Brothers must be willing to observe the Sunnah of I’tikaf and remain secluded from other brothers within the Masjid throughout the period of I’tikaf.

·        Each brother will be allocated a spot to for his Itikaf and must not change his spot unless agreed by the management.

·        During I’tikaf social meetings are prohibited.

·        Mobiles phones must be switched off or kept in silent mode.

·        Use of any other electronic devices is prohibited

·        Speaking in a loud voice is prohibited

·        Sitting at the Masjid entrance, car park or in the reception area is prohibited

·        Each brother must keep his designated spot tidy and clean and be available to do chores when required to keep the masjid clean and tidy as well.

We ask Allah (SWT) to help us do what pleases Him.

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