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Questions About Islam Details
7. What has Islam contributed to human life?

Islam is responsible for major human developments, among them the following:

  • Turning human thought away from superstition, love for the unnatural and inexplicable, and monasticism toward a rational approach, a love for reality, and a pious and balanced worldly life.
  • Inspiring the urge for rational and scientific research and proofs to verify the truth of established convictions.
  • Opening the eyes of those accustomed to identifying God with natural phenomena.
  • Leading people away from the path of baseless speculation and toward that of a rational understanding and sound reasoning based on observation, experimentation, and research.
  • Defining the limits and functions of sense-perception, reason, intuition, and spiritual experience.
  • Engendering a rapprochement between spiritual and material values.
  • Harmonizing faith with knowledge and action.
  • Replacing idolatry, the worship of human beings, and polytheism with a firm faith in God’s Unity.
  • Showing the path of spiritual evolution, moral emancipation, and salvation through active participation in this world’s daily affairs.
  • Those who proclaimed and worshipped powerful personages realized that their false deities were people just like themselves.
  • Emphasizing that no person could claim holiness, authority, or over-lordship as a birthright, and that no one was born with the stigma of untouchability, slavery, or serfdom.
  • Inspiring the thoughts of humanity’s unity, human equality, and real freedom. Many principles of good behavior, culture and civilization, purity of thought and action owe their origin to Islam. For example, Islam’s social laws have infiltrated deep into human social life, its economic principles have ushered in many movements and continue to do so, its laws of governance continue to exert their influence, and its fundamental principles of law and justice continue to form a perpetual source of guidance for humanity.
  • Establishing a practical framework for all aspects of international relations and regulating the laws of war and peace. This framework, the first of its kind in history, established an ethical code of war and foreign relations based on the ground of common humanity. Islam, as Arthur Leonard says, has left such an indelible mark on the pages of human history that it can never be effaced … that only when the world grows will it be acknowledged in full.
  • Founding one of the most brilliant civilizations in history. This should come as no surprise, since the first revealed verse of the Qur’an was: Read: In the Name of your Lord Who creates (96:1)

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