The Manchester Islamic Centre was formerly the Albert Park Methodist Church , which opened for worship in 1883, but in 1962, the church closed down. In 1967, it was bought by some members of the Syrian Arab community to be used as a Mosque for the Manchester Muslim community. The property consists of two large buildings, one is used as a Mosque and library, and the other includes a prayer hall for women, social events hall, classrooms, a kitchen and an ablution facility.

The importance of The Manchester Islamic Centre comes from being among the oldest Islamic Centres in Britain and located in one of the busiest cities in the country where about 250,000 citizens of the Muslim community reside.

The Centre represents a wide range of the Muslim community of various origins and Islamic schools of thought. It is a focal point to Muslims who wish to perform their religious activities and seek information on Islam, the Holy Qur’an and Islamic Jurisprudence, all delivered by qualified staff.

Moreover, the Centre provides information on the Islamic faith in order to foster cooperation and build bridges with the wider communities. It has become the destination for academia, government, schools, churches and houses of worship, along with the general public, to learn about Islam and Muslim beliefs. The Centre has an open door policy and thus, continuously invites people and encourages them to visit during the advertised opening hours.

The Holy Quran along with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), are taught in Arabic and English languages, to both Muslim adults and children. Counselling services in various social areas are also provided by the Centre.

To be a Live Model Institution of Islam, Upholding its Great Values of Tolerance, Respect, Transparency and Good Citizenship

By providing the optimal Islamic environment for worship, education, counselling and social activities, we seek to enable British Muslims excel and contribute positively towards enriching the UK community

Tolerance –  Transparency – Respect – Beneficence – Integrity – Empowerment

God’s Most Favoured Are Those Who Are Most Beneficent

The Board of Trustees consists of the following 6 members:

1- Mr Fawzi Al Haffar (Chairman)

2- Dr Haitham Al Khaffaf

3- Mr Imad Al Salam

4- Mr Mohamad El Khayat

5- Dr Bara Abdul-Salam

6- Dr Mustafa Al Khaddar

Mr Salah Elbeera – CEO
Mr Mahmoud Musa – Premises Officer
Sheikh Ayoub Salem Ojeli – Imam & Head of Quran Scool

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