Sharia Department


Opening hours of Shari’a Department 

Monday to Thursday 10 am to 3 pm, Friday: 2 pm to 3 pm

The most important services provided by the Sharia department include:

  1. Issuing Fatwas
  2.  Issues related to the Muslim Family’s affairs in Britain.
  • Contracts:
  1. Performing marriage contracts and sermons.
  2. Arranging Islamic power of attorney contracts relating to marriages.
  3. Issuing divorce certificates on behalf of the husband.
  4. Issuing Khul’ certificates.
  5. Issuing confirmation of Islam certificates for new Muslims.
  • Solving family disputes:
           * Issuing divorce resolutions in the following cases

    1. Domestic abuse from the husband.
    2. Irreconcilable disputes between husband and wife.
    3. Abandonment of the wife by the husband.
    4. Sexual problems.* Issuing Khul’ resolutions by the head of The Sharia Department in cases of the husband’s refusal.
  •   Advice and consultations:
    – Providing Sharia consultations regarding family disputes.
    – Providing courses in family relations in Islam.

    3. Other issues regarding general personal affairs:
  • Providing assistance writing Sharia compliant wills.
  • Distribution of inheritance according to Sharia.

4. The calculation of Zakat.

5. Financial Transactions:

  • Providing consultation and advice in financial disputes.
  • Devising commercial contracts compliant with Sharia.
  • Sharia adjudication in financial disputes.

6. Mediation between the different sections of the Muslim community in Great Britain.

7. Intervention to solve and assist with problems regarding child abscondance.

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