28 – 29 Oct Camping in the Mosque

We thank all the girls who joined in the Camping in the Mosque 2 day activity.

We hope you had a wonderful time and see you again in upcoming activities!

For those who couldn’t make it, these were the things that were completed:

  • Pastry Baking & Dinner
  • Competitive Group Games
  • Watched a Movie
  • Qiyam Prayer
  • Al-Fajr prayer
  • Morning Exercises
  • Breakfast
  • Lesson about Prayer with the making of a poster about prayer
  • Trip to the bowling centre
  • Lunch & the Prayer of Duhr & Asr afterwards
  • Distribution of gifts to all Participants
  • Bid farewell to all participants as they get picked up by their parents

Here are some pictures and videos below of the Activities!


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